Keep the kids happy

By ahandinmarriage

These last two weeks for me have been all about my daughter as she has started a new nursery! Seeing all the fun things that she has to do and play with got me thinking about ways to entertain children at weddings.

There are plenty of kids entertainers out there who can be hired to come and look after the children for the day which is great if you have a lot attending and want to give their parents a break. They will do puppet shows, hula hooping competitions, hide and seek games, craft activities and more. You name it they will probably do it! If you however only have a few children attending why not create them an activity pack with colouring, puzzles, a treasure hunt, give them each a disposable camera and ask them to photograph a list of things such as people laughing, silly dancing, favourite food from the day etc. I guarantee you will love the shots that you get back!

If there are some older children then why not challenge them to put on a performance recreating the ceremony that they have just witnessed? This will have your friends and family in absolute hysterics.

However many children are attending, giving them their own table and a supply of lovely treats makes them feel special too. A wedding should be just as much fun for the little ones as the adults!

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