All about Fiona and A Hand In Marriage

With over 12 years experience as a TV, film and commercials producer and production manager in Greater Manchester and Cheshire, taking other people’s visions on a daily basis and making them happen, and, following the success and enormous enjoyment of organising my own wedding, I decided to set up “A Hand In Marriage” to aid other people with planning the wedding of their dreams. Already having numerous contacts from my years of sourcing Manchester filming locations, providing large scale catering on set, sourcing any kind of prop that might be required as well as photographers and videographers by the bucket load, most of the ground work was already in place, and being of the age where a good number of my friends and family were getting married, this was the perfect opportunity to put my wedding planner skills to the test and it has been nothing but success and a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

My TV production role entails:

  • scheduling productions from start to finish
  • face-to-face client management
  • budget management
  • booking and communicating with all suppliers
  • managing those suppliers throughout the job to deliver the best possible end product, and
  • being the main point of contact throughout the preparation and on the filming day to ensure smooth running

As you can see, these are all skills that equate to planning a wedding of any size or scale; I have worked with teams of over 100 people and budgets over £800K.



During my time in the television industry I have had the pleasure of working with some well known personalities, so if discretion and privacy is an attribute you require from your wedding planner, then this is something I am more than familiar with.

Your wedding day should be the most magical, special and perfect day of your life and no matter how busy you are, no one should compromise on their special day. I would love to come and chat to you about how I can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Whatever your ideas, together we can create something that will live in your memory and your friends memories forever!