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If you are looking for a wedding planner in Manchester or further afield Fi is amazing and a pleasure to work with!Fiona helped us plan our destination wedding in France. We only had 6 months to pull everything together and in that time Fiona was invaluable. From the very beginning she grasped our vision with great ease and provided many suggestions that helped enhance every part of the wedding. She helped us with venues including an extensive list of options that all fit our brief and even organised our itinerary to view the venues, saving us a great amount of time and stress. I struggled greatly trying to find a dress, once again Fiona helped me narrow down styles and arranged the shop visits for me! Thank you Fi for helping to give us a wedding that we (and all of our guests) will never forget.”

– Hayley and Karl



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Mine and Ben’s jobs are very demanding and we work long hours so without Fiona’s help, we would never have been able to arrange such a magical day.

Fiona was an absolute pleasure to work with and was so accommodating. She would happily have late evening calls or meetings with me once my working day was done, which made a huge difference. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her organisation skills second to none, and believe me we needed organising! There was no point along the whole journey that I didn’t have 100% confidence in her ability to pull off our dream day and we cannot thank her enough. If you need a Manchester wedding planner, Fi will not let you down, she is fab”

– Joanna and Ben

Joanna and Ben


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Guy and I decided to get married in Mallorca, a very meaningful place to both of us. It was great to have Fiona on board as she understood the intricacies of getting married abroad – everything from insurance to laws about setting off paper lanterns near the coast….! Our chosen venue in Palma had a wedding coordinator that came as part of the package but Fiona still managed things from the UK, which really took the pressure of us and allowed us to concentrate on the creative side of our big day.

If you pick the right person, you only get married once – and we intended to make it count. Our plans were pretty elaborate and detail-heavy but Fi made sure we didn’t have to compromise anywhere – she effectively made the magic happen. We can’t thank her enough.”

– Layla and Guy

Layla and Guy


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When we got engaged, it made complete sense to get help in putting together our perfect day.  We aren’t the most organised people and the prospect of arranging an entire wedding was pretty daunting.  A major factor in getting help was because we actually didn’t know what we needed to sort both legally, and just in our own likes (decoratively, venue etc).

From the outset Fiona was brilliant in her attentiveness and with her calm and thorough manner. She was able to break down the mammoth task of an entire wedding into bite-size chunks that seemed much easier to handle.

We left Fi to take on the challenge of researching venues that would suit our needs and appeal to us based on what she had learnt about us. This allowed me to have time enjoying looking at other details and ideas on dressing the room, my dress etc. We went to visit a few different venues and whilst there Fi was excellent in asking the right questions, knowing what you really need to think about when looking at potential venues.

I had actually spoken at one stage of potentially wanting a warehouse wedding;  before we knew it Fi had researched and found not only one but several potential venues, all of which I had had no idea were available for weddings.

Fi really complements the wedding planning process, without taking over or altering your dream.  She really listens to your ideas, and then runs with them, suggesting brilliant additions and extras you may never have considered.  We can’t recommend her enough. Thank you so much Fi!”

– Emily and Simon

Emily and Simon